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For our buyers...

Why work with Steve Anzulewicz & Associates.

We're here for you! We place our clients’ interests first and foremost. We want to make this process as seamless as possible. We gather your unique tastes and needs during our buyer's consultation and then head off on a relentless search for the perfect home. Once we have found a suitable match we put our thorough knowledge of Delaware real estate and our exceptional bargaining skills to get you to a suitable price.

What you can expect
as a buying client.

  • A concierge level of customer service. 

  • Consultation from experienced real estate professionals.

  • Step-by-Step guidance through the entire transaction.

  • Access to our trusted network of attorneys, inspectors, lenders and contractors.

  • A life long relationship with our team as we follow up with you post settlement and will be available for all future real estate needs.

Suburban Homes

Find your home with Steve.

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